On the Elbinsel no one has to go hungry and we guarantee that.

In order for us to continue to follow this ideology, we rely on your donations.

How we help

Food distribution

For a small donation, you can receive food from us at four distribution points with an average value of EUR 87.

Meeting place

Our houses serve to bring together needy and isolated people. You are not alone in your neediness.


For a small donation to run our kitchen, we will provide you with a hot meal to share.

Social support

Do you need assistance with the office? The landlord makes trouble? You have a legal problem? We support you.

About us & our performance

The Tafel Wilhelmsburg has set itself the goal of ensuring that no one on the Elbe island goes hungry.

The Tafel Wilhelmsburg, formerly the Wilhelmsburg Unemployment Initiative, has been providing this since 1991 and has already been able to supply more than 246,000 people with food.



Every person is equal

With us there is no prejudice against origin, religion, previous history, gender, disability or anything else.



No one is abandoned

Even people who can not arrange a donation for food are not left alone with us.



We are here for you

No matter what concern people come to us with, we try our best to help.

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Meeting place for everyone

Food for everyone

Coffee for everyone

Food for everyone

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Sequence of the board Wilhelmsburg.

„No one has to go hungry on Elbinsel and we guarantee that.“

Treffpunkt für jeden

Essen für jeden

Kaffee für Jeden

Lebensmittel für jeden

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Folge der Tafel Wilhelmsburg.

„Auf der Elbinsel muss niemand Hungern und das garantieren wir.“